Friday, October 19, 2012

Common Food Storage Mistakes

There are some food storage mistakes that most people don't realize that they have, we will go over these mistakes today and while it may be to late to remedy some of these mistakes this year, it will help you plan for next year.  These tips will help you whether you store food just for each winter or if you are storing food for possible long term disasters.

Not Enough Variety - if you are canning your own foods to store then to remedy this problem next year plant some vegetables and fruits that you think would add some useful variety to your food stores. Also be sure to store flavorings, herbs, and spices in great variety as well. This will keep you from getting bored with foods should you have to live off of your food stores for an extended amount of time, it will also create a more nutrient rich diet as a variety in food typically translates as a variety in vitamins and minerals as well.

Extended Staples - This tip is for those of you that are storing food for long term needs. You will want to have foods that have been dehydrated or freeze dried in addition to home canned and purchased canned foods. Also be sure to have cooking basics on hand such as baking powder, cooking oil, shortening, soda, yeast, and if you do not have laying hens powdered eggs are good to have on hand as well.

Comfort Foods - These come in handy for any type of event that could have you stuck at home, jello, pudding, candy, etc. will help put people at ease. There is something soothing in knowing that you can have a treat even if roads are blocked due to severe snow storms.

Store Bulk Foods in Containers - This will help keep spoilage from moisture to a minimum and make the food harder for pests to get into. Be sure that your containers are food grade.

Leaving Rings on Cans - A lot of people don't realize that by leaving the canning rings on their canned goods they are risking not knowing if the can came unsealed and risk eating food that has went bad. Rings can also hold moisture and food residue which can lead to rust, mold, and it can attract rodents into your home. Before putting your canned goods into your pantry or food storage be sure to take the rings off and wipe off the jar with a damp cloth then dry thoroughly.

Products that can help you build your food storage:
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What are your food storage tips?

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