Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two Years of Blogging

Red Hill General Store's blog is now a little over two years old. So what have you enjoyed most from our blogs over the past 2 years? Well these are our top 5 most popular blogs judging from our blog traffic:

4. Falls River Town Center - A photo blog of the Falls River Town Center in Raleigh, NC

3. Red Hill General Store Raleigh, NC -  A blog from February 2011 about our progress when we were creating our Raleigh, NC location.

2. 101 Bucket Uses - We created a list for our readers of over 100 different things to use buckets for.

And our most popular blog that we've written over the past two years:

1. 101 Glass Milk Bottle Uses - We came up with over 100 ideas for our readers to use Glass milk Bottles.

Of all our blogs that we've written over the past two years, which one was your favorite?

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