Thursday, October 25, 2012

History of the Fruit Press

Fruit presses have been used for many years in helping farmers process their fruits for juices and/or wines. The first fruit press is believed to have been invented before 1898, however, the first patent for one was not filed for until 1916 by Madeline M. Turner.

The fruit press allowed people to create fruit juice more easily so that it could be preserved for the winter months. People were able to separate the stems, skins, seeds, and pulp from the juice with less than work than was previously required. Throughout history the best way to preserve fruit juice was making into wine, before the invention of ways to can and refrigerate juices, fruit juice that was not fermented would need to be consumed within 24 hours, otherwise it would spoil.

A fruit press is still handy today, especially for those who grow their own foods or purchase fruit in bulk to preserve and store for the winter or any season where fruit is harder to come by.

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