Friday, November 2, 2012

Organizing Ideas with Baskets

Baskets are great catch alls for clutter, but there are some great ways to use them to get more organized. They are also a great addition to your decor while helping you store your things. Wooden baskets match nearly any decorating scheme. So let's see what ideas we can find to use those baskets.

1. Take a short rectangular basket and put it on the counter near your stove. This will be your go to place for storing your most frequently used cooking oils, sprays, and spices.

2. Baskets also are great in bathrooms. Place them on shelves near the shower to hold towels, wash clothes, soaps, and more for your guests. Or place above the toilet for a pretty way to hide toiletries while keeping them handy where you need them.

3. Keep small shoes like flip flops stored in a basket near your door for quick retrieval when you need to go outside quickly (meeting the mailman delivering a package) and don't have time to find your regular shoes.

4. Replace the drawers on a dresser with baskets, this is a great idea for a dresser that has a broken drawer.

In what ways have you used baskets as storage in your house?

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