Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cookie Cutter Jack-o'-Lantern

Having a cookie cutter Jack-o'-lantern isn't quite as typical as it sounds. It is an easy way to "carve" your pumpkin and it's a much quicker way.

First a very short video of the finished product:

So what will you need for your Cookie Cutter Jack-o'-Lantern?

First and foremost, a pumpkin.

Cookie Cutters of your choice.

A pumpkin carving knife.

A rubber mallet or small hammer.
Step 1:
Cut an opening (kind of like a lid) to your pumpkin. Scoop out the pulp and seeds. If you want to use the seeds later in a recipe then you may want to go ahead and separate them from the pulp.

Step 2:
Decide where you want your cookie cutter cutouts to be located on your pumpkin.
Place your cookie cutter and hold it steady while you hammer it in with your mallet. Once the cookie cutter has cut through the pumpkin you should be able to gently push out the shape and have a hole left behind that is the shape of your cookie cutter.

The view from the inside of the pumpkin.
(keep in mind that the hammering can do a little damage to the front of your cookie cutters such as dulling or blunting especially if they are thinner cutters)

Step 3:
Continue with step 2 until you have your desired amount of cutouts on your pumpkin.

Step 4:
Light a candle to put inside your pumpkin and enjoy!

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