Tuesday, May 10, 2011

101 Bucket Uses

It was hard. And it was a trial of the minds. But with all of us working together we have come up with 101 uses for buckets. If we have missed any uses, please let us know in our comments!

And without further ado, Red Hill's Bucket List:

Bucket List

Bathroom Uses:
  1. Hold hair bows.
  2. Hold cotton balls.
  3. Hold Q-tips.
  4. Use under the sink for leaky pipes until they can be fixed.
  5. Use as trash pail.
  6. Use as towel or clothes hamper.

  1. Spoon holder (small tin pails work great for this).
  2. Utensil holder.
  3. Use under sink for leaky pipes until they can be fixed.
  4. Throw scraps in that need to go out to compost heap.
  5. Hold peanuts.
  6. Use for crab and/or lobster scraps when eating.
  7. Beer or drink bucket.
  8. Use for mop water.
  9. Use for cleaning water.
  1. Hold paperclips.
  2. Spare change bucket.
  3. Hold push pins.
  4. Hold staples.
  5. Throw your keys in.
  6. Hold a bottle of glue (great if glue leaks, then it won’t just be in your drawer)
  7. Use as trash can.
  8. Use to catch water from leak during rain.
Kid’s Room:
  1. Organize toys.
  2. Hold crayons.
  3. Hold makers.
  4. Organize painting supplies such as brushes.
  5. Organize pencils.
  6. Hold chalk.
  7. Paint with chalk board paint to use chalk on.
  8. Use as trashcan.
  9. Store building blocks.
  1. Sort bolts.
  2. Sort washers.
  3. Sort gaskets.
  4. Hold nails.
  5. Hold screws.
  6. Hold tools.
  7. Empty ash from a woodstove or fireplace into.
  8. Coal bucket.
  9. Hold kindling for woodstove or fireplace.
  10. Use to wash your car.
  11. Store rags for washing car in.
  1. Flower planters (be sure to put holes in the bottom so that water can drain out)
  2. Container garden (be sure to drill holes in bottom so water can drain)
  3. Store gardening supplies.
  4. Use to water plants.
  5. Use to harvest fruits & vegetables.
  6. Carry fertilizer to garden.
  1. Golf ball bucket (tote golf balls easily)
  2. Tennis ball bucket.
  3. Baseball bucket.
  4. Store croquet balls and hoops in.
  5. Store horseshoes in.
  6. Store hacky sacs in.
  7. Pack a picnic in.
  8. Use to collect seashells.
  9. Use to collect pretty rocks & pebbles.
  10. Build a sand castle.
  11. Use as a helmet and pretend to be a knight.
  12. Keep live fish bait in.
  13. Use to hold fishing tackle.
  14. Use to put names in for drawings.
  15. Use to hold drinks for parties and get-togethers.
  16. Flip it over and pretend it is a drum and play away.
  1. Dog food bucket.
  2. Chicken feed bucket.
  3. Cow Feed Bucket.
  4. Carry fish food to pond.
  5. Use to collect chicken eggs.
  6. Use for slop for hogs.
  7. Use to remove dog droppings from yard. (shovel is highly recommended when using it for this)
  1. Fill with bath goodies for gift.
  2. Fill with crafting supplies for child’s gift.
  3. Fill with men’s traveling necessities for going away gift for a guy.
  4. Use instead of basket for Easter gift.
  5. Fill with cleaning supplies for housewarming gift.
  6. Fill with “naughty” presents for embarrassing bachelorette gift.
  1. Use for flower girl to hold flower petals in.
  2. Use for bridesmaids filled with flowers instead of bouquets.
  3. Use as centerpieces to hold flowers.
  4. Use as d├ęcor filled with flowers.
  5. Use mini buckets to put guests’ favors in.
  6. Fill with goodies as a gift for bridesmaids.
  7. Fill with goodies as gift for groomsmen.
  8. Fill with goodies as gift for parents.
  9. Have guests’ write well wishes for the couple on paper and drop into the bucket.
  10. Use as champagne bucket.
  11. Paint number on bucket to number tables at reception.
  12. Use to hold drinks.
  13. Use as aisle pew marker.
  14. Hold supplies for “decorating” newlywed’s car.
  15. Use to hold programs.
Random Uses:
  1. Emergency Port-a-potty.
  2. Use to pour water over camp fire to put out.
  3. Bail out a leaky boat.
  4. For Easter eggs on Easter egg hunt.
  5. Collecting candy on Halloween.
  6. Flip over and use as foot stool.
  7. Use to hold smaller buckets.
  8. Fill with sand and use as candle holder.

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  1. everyone helps me make subscription bouquets and we pack up and drive back to the beach for a leisurely weekend with family and friends, and my husband steals the show once again, stilt walking in the 4th of July (actually 6th of July this year) parade rose bouquet



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