Do you have a catalog?
Printed catalogs are not available. Our product lines are constantly growing and the only listings we offer are our online catalog.

Are your products guaranteed?
If you are not satisfied with any Red Hill General Store product you may return it within 30 days for replacement or refund.

Can I use one of your blog posts on my blog/website?
Yes, we just require that you let people know where you found your information and leave our links live when posting one of our blog articles.

Do you sell renewable energy systems? 
Nope. We do have a residential wind turbine, two water turbines, and partner with the local agriculture and FFA classes to teach the developing leaders about clean energy. 

For questions concerning the products we offer, shipping questions or for other general inquires please use this email address: cs@redhillgeneralstore.com.

Media Contact erica@redhillgeneralstore.com 

What products do you carry on your website (http://redhillgeneralstore.com)?

Cattle Prods
Oil Lanterns
Wooden Barrel
Decorative Windmills
Garden Plow
Pecan Nut Cracker
Kerosene Heater Wicks
Garden Hose Valve
Hudson Bay Axe
Lantern Wicks
Havahart Traps
Pet Fence Systems
Hot Shot Cattle Prod


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