Citizens and communities are becoming aware of the need for sustainable energy consumption and reduction of greenhouse gas production. Local energy planning is proliferating across the globe. 

This energy planning was motivated by the drive to save money, create jobs, and protect the environment. 

Renewable energy serves as the perfect portfolio diversification tool for our energy security. The fuel to power them is free (and that we like).

We think it's fun to do what you can with what you have to make community stronger. So we've built and installed 4 renewable energy machines - three of our own and 1 by partnering with the Carroll County High School FFA students to install water power to their school farm.

The Breezy 5.5  before lift off
Our urban garden in Raleigh 
organic veggies

Two water turbines - one off the grid & one on the grid. We're a small business - we do what we can with the time and energy we have (together as a family) ----

500 feet of pipe: an off-grid  water turbine

(above video is the second, grid-tie, turbine generates power for our family home)

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