Wednesday, March 21, 2012

101 Glass Milk Bottle Uses

Glass milk bottles are a great item to have around for everything from using for drinks to creating crafts. We have scoured our brains, the internet, and everything to come up with 101 ideas for using those glass milk bottles.

  1. Use to hold milk in the fridge.
  2. Use for Orange Juice or other fruit juices.
  3. Store chocolate syrup.
  4. Use small ones as drink glasses.
  5. Use as vases.
  6. Use as centerpieces.
  7. Store buttons.
  8. Store marbles.
  9. Store beads.
  10. Use as a paintbrush holder.
  11. Store marshmallows.
  12. Store dried beans.
  13. Store dried fruits.
  14. Put ingredients for a recipe in one as a gift.
  15. Serve milk shakes in them.
  16. Decorate with stickers and use as decor.
  17. Use a short one as a pencil holder.
  18. Use to hold push pins.
  19. Use to hold paperclips.
  20. Fill with bubble liquid and have a bubble blowing party.
  21. Put a tea-light in them and use as candle holders.
  22. Use as a bottle for homemade salad dressing.
  23. Put candy in them for gifts.
  24. Create a terrarium in one.
  25. Use as a unique water bottle. (reusable also!)
  26. Paint numbers on them and use to designate tables at a wedding or big dinner party.
  27. Create a bird feeder with one.
  28. Store nuts.
  29. Store dried herbs & spices.
  30. In the garage store nuts & bolts.
  31. Store screws & nails.
  32. If you have a lot of used milk bottles (or other glass bottles) they can be used to make a garden border, turn them upside down and stick into the dirt around the area you want surrounded.
  33. Punch holes in the lids of small milk bottles and use as salt and pepper shakers.
  34. Use as a candle holder.
  35. Store legos in them.
  36. Store game pieces in them.
  37. Make into a glass bottle soap dispenser.
  38. Use in the bathroom to hold toothbrushes.
  39. Use in bathroom to hold hair bows.
  40. Store seeds in them.
  41. Fill with water to the top then set a bulb on top to get the bulb started growing (will only work with certain plants, know your plant before doing this)
  42. Use to store sugar.
  43. Use to store dry powder creamer.
  44. Use to keep extra keys in.
  45. Keep small fabric scraps of the same color in them to keep a craft area organized.
  46. Use to keep knitting/crochet needles organized.
  47. Create a chandelier using glass bottles.
  48. Create your own snow globes (be sure you have a milk bottle with a GOOD sealing lid)
  49. If you have a large milk bottle you can purchase a lamp kit and create a unique lamp.
  50. Use as a makeshift rolling pin.
  51. Message in a Bottle.
  52. Use to store bulk items to make using them easier (oils, etc.)
  53. Create a memory bottle. Fill with small things from a vacation, holiday, etc.
  54. Use as a change jar.
  55. Use to store homemade herbal oils.
  56. Use to store homemade bath salts.
  57. Use to store homemade vinegar.
  58. Use to catch a creepy crawly insect to release outside.
  59. Use to store safety pins.
  60. Create a wall of hanging flower vases for single flowers.
  61. If you have leftover pancake batter, pour into bottle and save for next day.
  62. Store cotton balls in them.
  63. Create a photo frame, carefully roll photo so that it will unfold in the right direction when placed into the jar, (especially cute if you put it in upside down) Then place a few of these in a grouping for a neat look.
  64. Store homemade cleaners and detergents in them.
  65. Store soaps, body washes, bath oils, etc. in them (very pretty with fancy labels added).
  66. Use to store and display tiny pebbles or seashells from a walk at the beach.
  67. Create faux porcelain pottery (see how to at P.S. - I made this...)
  68. Create a job bottle, have pieces of paper with chores on them for the kids to shake out to see what their task for the day is.
  69. Use to hold straws.
  70. If you have tight fitting lids, you can create premade cocktails and allow them to chill in a washtub with ice for cookouts and parties. 
  71. Fill with colored light strings (like the ones that are out at Christmas) for outdoor patio summertime decor.
  72. Fill with glitter (can even punch tiny holes in lid to use as a glitter shaker).
  73. Decorate to use as wedding decor.
  74. Use to store ribbon.
  75. Use on a bottle tree.
  76. Splatter some glow paint inside of a milk bottle for a glow in the dark starry creation.
  77. Wrap in yarn for an interesting vase or decor piece.
  78. Paint to make them look like candy corn to use as Halloween or fall decor.
  79. Use to hold makeup brushes.
  80. Throw a cupcake and milk bar party serving milk in glass milk bottles.
  81. Brad and eyelet storage containers.
  82. Store stickers.
  83. Store pins.
  84. Store small sewing machine parts.
  85. Use to store soap slivers until you are ready to make new soap with them.
  86. Create a beach in jar.
  87. Create a jar garden.
  88. Fill with a favorite snack or cereal for a take along that won't let the food get crushed the way a plastic bag will (plus the bottle is reusable the bags usually get thrown away).
  89. Use to hold silverware on the picnic table.
  90. Fill with colored water to make a pretty display on a windowsill.
  91. Collect fireflies in the summer (be sure to let them back out or they will die overnight).
  92. Fill with your favorite potpouri and set out where you can get a whiff every time you walk by.
  93. Store broken jewelry in, then once it is full use all the old jewelry to make some new pieces.
  94. Store vintage coins in it for a neat display.
  95. Store small amounts of leftover paint (keep out of sunlight and be sure lid is on tightly) great way to know what color is in the bottle.
  96. Use to store any liquids from another broken or leaky bottle.
  97. Use to catch a small drip under a sink until you have time to repair it.
  98. Build a ship in one.
  99. Fill with something pretty and use as a paperweight.
  100. Fill with candies and decorate outside to match wedding decor and give away as wedding favors.
  101. Fill with tiny Christmas ornaments for a neat holiday decor item.



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