Friday, December 14, 2012

10 Uses and Crafts for Washboards

Washboards originated as a way to more easily wash clothes. You would use a large wash tub, a washboard, and some type of laundry soap. It was a hard way of washing clothes, but was easier than having to take the clothes to a stream and use rocks. Using washboards for washing clothes is nearly obsolete in our country, but washboards still have many uses and make great decor items. Some people use smaller washboards for washing delicate laundry items such as lingerie and a utility sink.

Here are some ideas on repurposing a washboard:

1. Use two washboards as the legs for a table. Just add a top and a bottom shelf.

2. Glue on some clothes pins, decorate, and use as a lost and found for socks that lose a mate in the laundry.

3. Add a shelf and use as decor/storage in the laundry room.

4. Add some hooks and use to organize jewelry.

5. Use as shutters over a small window.

6. Create a memo board or letter holder using decorative magnets.

7. Use some glue and some broken china to create a washboard mosaic.

8. Use paint, stickers, and other decor items and create a sign for a fun room or a kids room.

9. Add some jelly jars or small buckets and create a washboard planter.

10. Use a glass washboard as the door for a spice cabinet.

What other uses have you seen for re-using/re-purposing washboards?


  1. I adore the table!! And must make one - it would be a great table for the laundry room!!

    1. The table is one of our favorite ideas for the washboards!



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