Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Top 5 Blogs from The Month of August

So, which of our blogs did our readers find the most interesting in August? Here are the 5 that were visited the most:

Summer/Fall Project: Maintenance for Your Washer & Dryer - This blog explains why it is important to keep your washer and dryer in good shape. It has some tips and a link to a more thorough how to.

10 Milk Bottle Craft & Decor Ideas from Pinterest - Love decorating with milk bottles? Here are 10 ideas to help get you started.

Summer/Fall Project: Hurricane Preparedness -  Being prepared for disasters is a smart thing to do. We have some tips to help get you started in prepping for the hurricane season. 

101 Glass Milk Bottle Uses - Some more ideas for those of you who enjoy using milk bottles around the home. These bottles have so many uses they are almost limitless.

3 Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas - With the kids returning to school, it is nice to give the teacher a little something to make their school year easier as well.

Which of our past blogs is your favorite? What would you like to see us write about in the future? Leave us a comment we love hearing from you!

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