Friday, July 27, 2012

3 Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

There are few times more stressful on teachers and students than back to school. Everyone is filled with expectations, stress, and fear of the unknown. Help to break the ice between your student (or you if you are taking classes) and the teacher with a helpful gift. A great idea would be to ask the teacher what items she uses most in the classroom, as many teachers wind up purchasing items for their classrooms out of pocket.

Here are some gift ideas that we have thought up for you, some are specifically for teachers, others would be appropriate for anyone with just a few tweaks.

1. Decorated  mason jars make great gift holders, to keep the gift hidden decorate the jar. Fill with healthy snacks to keep the teacher energized throughout the day or if the jar is taller fill with pens, pencils, and other useful items that can add up in expenses long term.

2. On Bucket Outlet's Blog, they have written about creating chalkboard labels for buckets to use for storage, how neat would one of those buckets be filled with needed classroom goodies for the teacher? He or she could use the bucket for storage, classroom decor, or many other things.

3. Want to get a gift for the teacher that is not school related? Create a tea mug gift decorate it in the school colors for a neat twist, to do this choose a mug that is the main school color and choose a ribbon that is the secondary color to tie around your mug.  Tea as a gift is a great idea, especially if you include teas that help promote relaxation. Afterall, everyone knows teaching can be a stressful job. If you are giving a loose leaf tea you will want to include a tea ball for steeping as many people do not have one of these in their kitchens.

What gifts are you giving, if any, to the teachers who are going to be in your life this year? Are you a teacher? What was your favorite gift that you received?

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