Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer/Fall Project: Maintenance for Your Washer & Dryer

Washers and dryers can cause trouble in your home if they are left to get by with no regular maintenance. If you haven't already been keeping a check on them here are a few tips on what you should do to make them safer.

To prevent your washer from springing a leak and flooding your home causing water damage you will want to replace the washer's rubber hoses with some that are steel jacketed. Steel jacketed hoses are more durable and less likely to split open.

The vinyl duct that most dryers use are flimsy and flammable. Lint can build up in them resulting in a house fire. For more safety in your laundry room you should look into replacing your dryer's vinyl duct with a sturdy metal one. But keep in mind that cleaning the lint trap on your dryer will not prevent some lint build up in the duct. You will need to do regular maintenance on your washer and dryer after making these changes to help prevent any disasters:

With the help of a shop vac you can vacuum lint out of your dryer vent. You should check your vent every six months to get rid of any lint build up. On your washer you should check the hoses every six months and replace them every five years. To help you remember when to change your washer's hoses, you will want to tag them with the date that they were last replaced. While checking your washer you will want to also clean the filter screens as lint and sediment can also build up on those slowing down water flow in and out of your washer.

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