Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bucket Decorating Ideas

Decorating with buckets is fun. It is a way to be creative while contributing to a more organized space. There are no real rules when it comes to decorating with buckets. For a simple look, use a few of the same bucket to hold small items. Try incorporating different sizes of buckets for a complementary contrast.

We worked with local lifestyle photographer Kristen Horton to capture some of our customer's favorite buckets in use. She does an incredible job bringing everyday metal buckets to life in photographs. Happy decoration!

French Bucket With Flowers

We have five styles of french buckets: galvanized, chalkboard, vintage, white and copper. These buckets make beautiful decorations for homes, events, and weddings. Here are more 

Creative Towel Storage

This three-gallon silver tub is timeless and seriously handy. It's used for space saving towel storage, for beverages and even makes great displays.

Wedding Shower Centerpiece 

Small buckets can be used for accents and small item storage and display. A small white bucket with straws at a wedding shower really brings the party table together. These small party favor pails are available in five colors. Check them out here.

Small Kitchen Tub

We love mintubs! This is a classic tin tub is used to display handsoap and a plant over the kitchen sink. Your guests will enjoy this classic small metal tub inspired by infant baths of yesteryear.

Decorative Metal Buckets

Got eggs? We have the buckets to put them in. Whether it is eggs, flowers, gifts, seeds, stones or just plain junk - this metal wine tub or these white tubs make it all look great. If it is junk you're organizing the white buckets add some bright cheerfulness. Use a metal finish for a rustic look.

Small Metal Bucket Organizing

You can't go wrong with small metal buckets! Use them for your coloring and craft supplies. Make them into herb planters. Find your size here.

For more bucket decorating ideas checkout this awesome post! Much gratitude to Kristen for sharing her creative photo skills with us to make this possible.

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