Thursday, December 17, 2015

Everything's Better Cooked In Cast Iron!

Remember those old tried and true cast iron skillets your grandma used to make everything in from stews to cornbread? I remember walking into my grandmother's kitchen to sneak a peek what she had cooking for our Sunday dinner and always seeing her trusty cast iron skillet on the stove. Her cast iron pan has been passed down through the generations and is still in use today!

Lodge cast iron cookware is proudly sold here at Red Hill General Store! Lodge opened their first foundry over 100 years ago and is still producing quality cast iron products every day, so you know it is a name you can trust!

There are a lot of surprising benefits in cooking your food in cast iron skillets!

Cooking with cast iron pans fortifies your food with iron! Using cast iron cookware is a very easy, very effective way to increase iron levels in your diet. Acidic foods, like tomato based dishes, are particularly good at picking up the iron from the cookware. 

Cast iron cookware is chemical free! Did you know that the coating in non-stick cookware contains PFCs or perfluorocarbons. PFCs have been linked to cancer and liver damage among other health problems. 

Cast iron skillets are incredibly sturdy and durable. They will last for years if cared for properly. If they are seasoned correctly, they are naturally non-stick. They also hold heat longer than other types of pans, which allows for a more even cooking temperature and more uniformly cooked food. 

Grab your cast iron skillet and try cooking some of our delicious maple sausage that we carry here at Red Hill! Mixed into a casserole or eaten alone with eggs, the hint of maple flavor will be a hit on your Christmas morning breakfast table!

Only 7 days until Christmas!

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