Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Make it an Old Fashioned Christmas with DIY gifts and classic toys!

Christmas is a time for remembering holidays past and old time traditions. Bring back memories of yesteryear with simple homemade gifts from the heart and classic, vintage style toys sure to bring out the kid in everyone!

This easy milk bottle candy gift is a snap to put together. Simply take a glass milk bottle in the size of your choice. The one pictured is a tall pint milk bottle. Fill the bottle with your an assortment of candies or other treats. We filled our bottle with an assortment of bite sized candy bars. Pop on the milk bottle lid to secure the candy inside and attach a gift tag using pretty colored ribbon or twine.

Relive your childhood when you give classic, vintage style toys to the kids on your list this year. The toys of yesterday will bring back fond memories for you and create new, lasting memories for the kids. From a pull along wooden frog to train sets to wooden stacking blocks, we have something for everyone at Red Hill General Store!

Only 9 days til Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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