Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Make your own Old Fashioned Candy and Soda Gift Bucket for the Holidays!

Nothing brings back memories of simpler times more than a glass bottle of sarsaparilla soda and a stick of rock candy! If you are looking for a unique gift for that extra sweet tooth on your list, then look no further. Simply adding an assortment of old fashioned candies and sodas in glass bottles to a festive red bucket makes an awesome gift reminiscent of yesteryear! 

While filling your gift bucket, the possibilities are endless! I filled this bucket with sarsaparilla sodas and ginger beer in glass bottles. I added in an assortment of rock candy flavors, caramel brownie bars, cherry candy, chocolate hard candy sticks, peppermint candy and horehound hard candies. With the wide variety and selection of candies and treats in our candy section at Red Hill General Store, you'll have a blast coming up with your own unique combinations to fill your bucket!

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