Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oak City Coffee Roasters: Fueling Body and Soul

In a little garage in Raleigh NC, Bill Landahl is roasting coffee with a special ingredient--love. From the farms to your morning cup, every step of this process has heart.

Oak City’s eight varieties of coffee are hand picked and processed in small communities across the world. Favorite varieties like Kabum! from Uganda or Valiente from El Salvador foster a direct relationship from farmer to consumer. Bill pays these coffee farmers two to three dollars above the market value of coffee. Bill says, "If you care, that is the difference."

Roasting is the chemical process of bringing out light, medium, and dark flavors to suit our tastes. Bill roasts his coffee beans in a vintage machine that fills the space and near-by noses with deep comforting aromas.  Through his business, Bill is also including adults with autism in the operations. These special adults are employed to apply all the labels on the finished product.

The warm brew in your hands is more than a product or purchase. It is a compassionate investment in the cultivation of community.

Oak City Roasters is a leader in creating sustainable global coffee systems.

Bill explains, when you grow, and the path you started on no longer fits, you don't give up on your dreams, you live them.


Get your bag of roasted beans at Red Hill General Store in Raleigh, North Carolina! and visit the oak city website.  

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