Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Anticipation for Labor Day in Hillsville, Virginia

Labor Day Weekend we're stocking our shelves with - 
  • Jaw harps & harmonicas for children or adults because Appalachia's music is important
  • Strike anywhere matches, jar lids  & duck tape because we believe in practicality 
  • charlie's soap since it's incredible leaving no leftover residue! It's just real clean. 
  • Pot-holder looms since we like to teach kids useful skills 
  • Limited Edition: Ball Heritage Blue Jars celebrating the 100th anniversary of the mason jar which is 2013
  • Quality time tested black walnut crackers and other nut-shell-breaking equipment 
  • and Case Knifes because they are made in the USA.
The Labor Day Flea Market and Gun Show in Hillsville is 8/30 - 9/2 bringing 500,000 people.

It's an exciting weekend - because of the increased weekend traffic. We've rented much of the space in our parking lot to weekend vendors! We marked off the spaces Monday. We have a brand new freezer full of grass-fed beef from Dugspur, VA and free-range chicken from North Carolina. 

As part of Hillsville's excitement, visit our store on your way down Route 100's 18 mile flea market! Here is the 2013 Google Map -This is the second year.

The Saturday Market has increased over the last three Saturdays. Labor day weekend will be the season's biggest. As a market vendors explained Saturday, together we are creating a place where bartering (yeah, bartering!) might become commonplace. We'll keep doing it every Saturday until it gets too cold. We like it when people get as excited as we are.

Now, this You Tube Video -

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