Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saturday Market at Red Hill General Store - Reviving community culture

Saturday Market - Vendors Wanted 
Red Hill General Store in Hillsville, Va.

9am - 6pm. Every Saturday. 
Produce vendors, small farmers and flea market items encouraged. 
10 x 10' vendor spaces $5 upon arrival.
Bring your own tables & tents. Setup begins at 8:30 am

We're building a market where ya'll are welcome to set up any Saturday morning. We'll collect your $5 upon Saturday setup. 

You can let us know you're coming or ask any questions with this form, a call to (800) 251-8824 (customer service - press 1), or an email addressed to  

Why are we opening our gravel parking lot every Saturday? 

There was a time when farms were small. They were farmed by families who lived not upon them, but within and from them. These families grew gardens and produced their own meat and eggs. There were "minor products" and markets for minor products.

We think minor markets are important. They promote a pride in workmanship America is forgetting. When there were more minor markets thrift was a forceful social idea. Society shifted its emphasis, and its interest, from quality to quantity. Nowhere is there a market for minor products: a bucket of cream, a goat, a few dozen peaches.

From a cultural viewpoint, the movement from farm to city involved a serious simplification of mind and character. The reverse movement - which is necessary - and some have undertaken it - is uphill, and it is difficult. We understand we cannot do it alone.

If a culture is to hope for longevity, then the relationships within it must, in recognition of their interdependence, be predominately cooperative rather than competitive.

A healthy culture can grow only among a people soundly established on the land and working with each other; it nourishes and safeguards a human intelligence of the earth and past generations that no amount of technology can satisfactorily replace.

In all of these systems a fundamental principle must be the protection of the source: the seed, the food species, the soil, the breeding stock, the old and the wise, the keepers of memories, the records.

We believe the growth of such a culture is a possibility in this rural farm community.
Help us build abundant life in this market - make a living and a strong local economy in the process.  "it's just common sense"

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