Friday, December 21, 2012

Make a Snowman out of Jars

We've had a customer share with us a Christmas gift that they created using our pint jars.

To create her snowman, she had 3 of the pint jars, some black felt, black construction paper, some red and white scrap fabric, a hot glue gun, black paint, orange paint, peppermint candies, hot chocolate mix, and marshmallows.

She painted her face and buttons, then made the top hat using the top jar's lid, the black felt and black construction paper. She glued the lids of the bottom two jars to the jar above it. The bottom jar was filled with peppermint candies, the middle jar is filled with the hot chocolate mix, then the top jar was filled with marshmallows. To complete the look she tied on a scarf using her fabric. She used scissors to fray the fabric ends to make it look more scarf-like.

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