Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Top 5 Favorite Pinterest Boards

We enjoy looking at all the different boards on Pinterest, there are so many great ideas from some very creative people on there. But as with everything, there are some boards that we visit more than others, we'd like to share with you our personal five favorite boards:

Our favorite gardening board:

Farm Life Board by Lindsay Peek who has an Etsy shop at:
Our favorite recipe board: (okay so we're going to cheat on this one and just share our favorite recipe pinner as they have over 10 different categories of recipe boards):

Recipe Boards by PCC Natural Markets
Our favorite food preservation board:

Eating on a Budget has a great board for food preservation and other neat ideas.
This board was hard to choose, but we narrowed it down to one home tips board:

This for the Home board is created by Mercedes who blogs at
And the season for Halloween is nearing, so let's share our favorite Halloween decor board as well:

Halloween Party Board by Crystal
We hope that some of these pinterest boards become your favorites as well. And please share with us in the comments who your favorite pinner is to follow!

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