Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Project: Seal a Driveway

Sealing your driveway can help it last a bit longer and it also makes your driveway look new again,

So what will you need to seal your driveway?
Supplies for cleaning: push broom, shop vac, bucket w/soap and water in it, stiff bristle brush
Repairing Cracks: crack sealer, putty knife
For Sealing: some sort of barricade, plastic to cover nearby plants, and sealant.

Step 1: Cleaning the Driveway
When cleaning your driveway, you will first want to sweep all the loose debris (leaves, dirt, rocks) off using  your push broom (a large push broom makes this task go much more quickly than the type of broom you would use in your home).
For the smaller debris that the broom may have missed, you should haul out the ol' shop vac and vacuum up the rest of the dirt.
Now time to get out the bucket that has your soap and water in it and a stiff bristle brush for washing your driveway. For any oil spots, you will want to get a cleaner made for cleaning oil spills and follow the instructions on it.
If you have a pressure washer or the ability to borrow one, then some people clean their driveway with that instead of following the previous steps. (However, for oil stains you will still need an oil cleaner and follow the instructions).

Step 2: Repairing Cracks
Before you begin repairing any cracks, if there are plants growing out of them, you will need to remove them. Be sure to take as much of the root of the plant out as possible. You will need a crack sealer and a putty knife for this step. Apply a good amount of the crack sealant in the crack and use the putty knife to smooth the filler.

Step 3: Sealing the Driveway
Drag out the stuff that you chose to barricade your driveway with. This is to help deter cars from pulling in and ruining your sealant before it is done drying. Two stakes with a rope tied between them at the end of your driveway should be sufficient, but some orange cones are easy to see...

Now you will want to cover any of your plants or landscaping that is near the driveway to protect them from the chemicals in the sealant. Follow the instructions on the sealant that you purchased for the application of it.

Good luck with your summer project!

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