Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Project: Create an Outdoor Room

When creating your outdoor room, keep in mind that many things can be defined as an outdoor room. For some an outdoor room is an attached, screened-in porch, to others an elaborate gazebo, or just a lovely landscaped area with some seating.

First you will want to define your space. Decide what type of activities will take place there, as this will help you decide how big or small it needs to be. Do you want to grill out, have dinner parties, or just enjoy coffee and nice book? If your room is going to be a screened in porch, gazebo, or other built structure, be sure to follow any local building codes and discuss what you want to use the area for with whomever is building it.

The flooring for your outdoor room will vary if you are using a landscaped area, you can use decking, stone, or concrete flooring. Some people have grass floors, however, this makes it feel less like a room. For the room effect it is recommended that you use some sort of flooring. I have even seen people use pavers and other walkway type material to create the floor for their outdoor room.

The landscaping of your outdoor room will vary depending upon what grows well in your area and what you prefer. Some people like to create their outdoor space with trees and large flower containers. The container plants allow for "redecorating" of the outdoor area. Also the colors of the containers add some decor to your room. I personally love using wash tubs for planting my flowers in. Just carefully drill some holes in the bottom for excess water to drain out, fill the bottom 2-3 inches with gravel, then put in your dirt and plant your flower of choice.

Outdoor furniture is also a great addition to your outdoor room. Furniture that is made for outdoors will last longer than furniture that is not. There are even outdoor rugs that can make a huge impact on your space. Decide how many people you plan on entertaining in your area and choose the amount and size of your furniture accordingly. Will you have meals there? Then you will want some sort of a table. An outdoor storage bench is also a great idea so that you have a place to store tools, or perhaps decor that you use at outdoor gatherings that you don't want carried off or blown away.

We can't wait to hear about your progress on your outdoor room! For more projects and news from Red Hill General Store please follow/subscribe to our blog!

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