Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring/Summer Project: Install a Clothesline

If you have the space in your yard for a clothesline, you can save some money during warm sunny spring and summer days by hanging your clothes out to dry. So let's get started on putting up that clothesline.

The most common clothesline, the pole-to-pole clothesline, is the one that we will discuss installing today:

Materials needed:
Clothesline Poles (ready-made)
Concrete Mix
Tape Measure
Post-hole Digger

First choose the location for your clothesline, it is best to choose a location where your clothing will get direct sunlight, this will help them to dry faster. Also be sure to keep your clothesline out from under areas where birds like to perch or nest, as you don't want a bird mess on your clean clothes.

Now you are ready to dig your holes, but you should first call your utility companies to be sure you aren't going to disturb any underground wires or pipes. When digging your holes you will want to make your holes about 12"-18" deep and 12" wide. The bottom of your hole should be slightly wider than the top. This comes in handy when the dirt settles. Also keep in mind that the pole height can vary, most poles are between 6' and 7.5' in height.

Okay, now we are ready to install the posts into the holes.  You will need to fill about 1/3 of each hole with concrete mix, add some water, then place each post into its hole. Fill the rest of the hole with concrete. Using your stakes and rope/string, be sure the post is held in a level position while the concrete sets (this will take about a day). Be sure to use your level to see which direction the post needs to be held in.

Take your clothesline, and tie one end to the T on one of your posts, then string it across to the other post and tie it on the T there as well.

Need another option to doing laundry? If you experience a brownout this summer you can use a wash tub and washboard to do your laundry by hand. It is hard work, but at least you will have clean clothes.

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