Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rada Cutlery is Made to Last

When many people hear the term "made to last" they don't really think twice about it, many products claim this, but not all of them hold up to that promise.

Today we had a customer in our store. She was looking to purchase a set of Rada knives. Mary spoke with this woman about the knives. We will call her Ann.

Ann first received her knives in 1964 as a wedding gift for her and her husband. She loved them from the first time that she used them.

"All these years I've had them, I just made sure to keep them clean and put up when they weren't in use. It's been nearly 50 years and they are just now starting to get dull."

50 years later and Ann is now looking to replace her dulling knives. The exact same set that she received on her wedding day. What knives do you think Ann was looking at?

"I don't think I'll ever own anything other than Rada, and that is what I am replacing my old set with."

Rada knives are truly made to last. Do you think your kitchen knives would last nearly 50 years?

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