Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Friday's Checker Tournament Results

We had 4 people turn out for our checker tournament this past Friday.  We are hoping for more this coming Friday!  But here is the play by play:

Player Perspective
The games were heated battles between fierce competitors.  Brother battling Sister.  Girlfriend against Boyfriend.  Grandmother against Grandchildren.

This phrase was heard at least once:

"Grandma! You are just being mean!"

Laughter by all followed that statement.  

Deep in thought Evan examines his options.
With each round someone was knocked out of the running for the prize.  And as it came towards the end, people started planning their moves more carefully.

Evan wins the Prize!
Finally, after an hour of heated competition, several laughs, four rounds of checkers, and a very close last game.  Evan came out on top.  At least for a moment...

Paying back borrowed money.
The winnings were split to cover money borrowed for his door fee.  But we still had very happy competitors, and great fun overall.

Want to join in all the good hearted fun?  Join us this Friday, Jan. 21 for our next Checker Tournament!


  1. I had such a great time playing checkers! I am definitely coming if my schedule allows.

  2. Awesome! We loved having you! And bring as many people as you can :)



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