Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Activities for Snowy Days

As our frequent blog readers know, this Friday is going to be our first Checker Tournament at Red Hill General Store.  We will begin at 6:00pm and hopefully conclude by 8:00pm.

But all this snow, and our upcoming tournament, has gotten us to thinking about things that we can enjoy inside while the bitter cold is biting at our toes when we venture out.

While we are on the subject of checkers boardgames are definitely something fun that we can enjoy with friends and family.  And these offer a lot more human interaction than any video game can touch upon.

Also, reading to children, or to an elder family member who cannot see to read as well anymore.  Stories are as old as time itself, and it lends a feeling of nostalgia to do this.

Coming up with new recipes or tweaking old ones.  If you are stuck indoors, now is the perfect time to try something new and different, so break out the unique kitchen appliance you haven't used in awhile and try something new with them.  You never know, that juicer you hadn't used since you bought it, might make its way up on your used daily appliances list.

So what are you doing while stuck inside this winter?  We'd love to hear your ideas on staving off boredom.

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