Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hoping for snow.

This year we're hoping for a little bit of snow.  Not enough to block the roads or impede traffic, but enough to play around in and act like we are five years old again.  It is so much fun to go outside and have an old fashioned snow ball fight, snow forts and all.  Dueling until someone gives up and retreats to the warmth of the house for a cup of hot chocolate, or as I prefer, hot tea*.

Or better yet, building a snowman.  Complete with carrot nose.  Just the thought of digging in the snow with my lined leather gloves gives me a tingle of that childhood excitement.  Winter always brings out the excited little kid in me.

What were your favorite winter past times as a child?

*I've been on a The Republic of Tea kick lately, the Pomegranate Green Tea is especially nice.

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