Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland Let's Take a Walk

It was a winter wonderland at Red Hill General Store today.  Not only is the outside covered in snow, but we have the inside all decorated and ready to go for Christmas.  When you first walk into the store you will be greeted by our beautiful tree!  (also if you still need a tree we have some for sell out front).

Our Christmas Display with gift ideas galore:

Just walk around to the other side and you are greeted by our gift basket selection:

My favorite gift basket in our selection:

Or if you you'd rather get someone an assorted nut basket, we have what you need, several types of nuts, and many different nutcrackers:

And we have Baja Boots (by Rainbow) in case your toes are feeling cold from all this snow and below freezing weather:

And tons of warm clothing to choose from:

And don't forget to get that wreath for your front door this holiday season:

Now, time for some hot chocolate, and a warm blanket.  Thanks for taking a walk with us through Red Hill General Store.  Just come by our store in Hillsville, VA for a real life tour!

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