Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Spice things up with herbs and spices from Red Hill General Store!

Smart cooks know that adding a dash of herbs and spices to your food helps to take the flavor of your dish to another level. Did you also know that there are a multitude of health benefits that go along with that added deliciousness?

We stock a wide variety of herbs and spices at Red Hill General Store that will add just the right touch to your meal.

Dill seed, for example, not only tastes amazing sprinkled over grilled salmon or mixed into potato salad, but it also contains iron and calcium and the natural oils block certain carcinogens. Rosemary contains fiber, iron and calcium and improves circulation and digestion and the woodsy flavor is great for roasted meats. Crushed red pepper adds a kick of  heat to your dish and is a natural pain reliever and reduces inflammation in the body. Ground jalapeno is a great source of vitamin C and capsaisin, which promotes healthy blood flow in the body.

Stock up on your favorite herbs and spices at Red Hill General Store and get creative and healthy in your kitchen!

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