Friday, March 27, 2015

Creating an Abundant Life: Buffalo Mountain Kombucha Tea

There is much to learn at the Buffalo Mountain Kombuchery.

"in the life abundant and enough honest wealth to help make it so--for others as well as myself;" of the 4th paragraph in the National FFA Creed.

This is a business and a product of land and cultural legacy. What's more?
The wisdom of making Kombucha tea brings health to the spirit and our living bodies.

meet Cassie & Scott, artists, farmers, story tellers and tea makers -

When I asked Cassie "why kombucha?" she responded with warm simplicity, "to create abundance in our lives."

Learn about kombucha tea (and fermentation) and their kombuchery on their awesome website here. It does a wonderful job explaining #kombuchaflow

Inside the walk-in fridge Cassie let me photo the "mothers" (have you ever had apple cider vinegar with 'the mother'?).

My favorite part?
There are mantras on every brew. Here are some photos of the tea before it is bottled.

Buffalo Mountain Kombucha Tea has been commercially inspected by VDAC for three years. 

I asked Cassie if she had any advice for young people trying to incorporate sustainable design for creating universally conscious and responsible business ethics? Because, let's be serious, we live here AND we all like environmental well-being, economical well-being and having happy friends that are people. 

Cassie explained, 

Don't make rash decisions. Do what makes you happy. It has everything to do with your INTENTION. Awareness doesn't come easy. Beware of the ego mind and let go of the fear that is created within it.  

The world would do well to listen to more businesses like this one. 
Cheers to another product that is good for the planet, the economy and human society. 

Want to try fermentation? We have objective info and fermentation crock selection on our website.  

The three flavors of Kombucha tea will be available in our stores early next week. 
GET EXCITED. We will post a deal to our facebook page. 

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