Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY Milk Bottle Lamp

Our webmaster Kenneth does more than write computer code. In his spare time, between a full time job, raising a son with his wife and being an active leader in his church, he makes country living designer lamps.

He told me the surprisingly simple process to make your very own lamp! 

The supplies you need - 
1. Drill with a carbide bit
2. A Phillips head screwdriver
3. A lamp kit (like the one pictured below)
4. Glass Milk Bottle, like this quart size Kenneth used. 

Steps - 

Make sure to take your time when drilling the hole for the lamp cord. Rushing through this process may lead to the bottle breaking. Make sure that you lubricate the drill bit with water as you proceed. Using as minimum amount of pressure on the drill will guarantee success. 

Drill a hole in the lid of the bottle to allow for the light assembly. Place the light cord tube through the hole in the lid and secure it with the provided nuts. 
Snake the wire for the lamp through the drilled hole and connect it to the screw terminal connectors on the light assembly. 


Kenneth decided to paint his milk bottle white, but you can paint your bottle any color you choose or leave it alone for the classic look. This process is simple as well. Here are some other  painted glass milk bottles. Take the bottle and spray paint the inside. Any excess paint and be swirled around to ensure the paint covers evenly, 

Enjoy your new lamp!

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