Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celebrate Valentine's Day with these simple gift ideas from our Hillsville Store (and spread the word that we're hiring)

Heart Cookie Cutters $2.99 Each | Tin Heart Cookie Cutter Set $4.39


Tin Heart Cookie Cutter Set $4.39 | Cupcake Carousel $25 | Nancy's Fudge Squares .99 cents each

Chocolate Rocks $2.59 | Jelly Beans $5.49 / lb

Goat's Milk Soap $3.99 and Lotions $10.50

Apple Butter $4.99 | Sugar Free Apple Butter $5.99 | Long-Stem Strike-on-box Matches $2.99
Do you know how to start a fire in a Woodstove? Long-stem matches are perfect for starting fires in wood burning stoves. Open the stove pipe damper before starting a fire. If the fire burns too slowly, the draft levers should be opened wider. Adjusting the draft with the damper and adding frequent but small amounts of wood make an even burning and continuous fire. Watching the temperature gauge on a Magnetic Stove Thermometer attached to stovepipe shows you how much heat your furnace is producing.

We're hiring web developers in Hillsville, Virginia to join our team.
Click for job descriptions and how to apply.

How can you make affordable energy efficiency improvements in your home? Check out this Energy Savings Action Center to discover an interactive map of energy efficiency programs and incentives in Appalachia. There is incredible potential in our region for residential energy savings, which will keep more money in our communities, create thousands of new jobs, and build a flourishing energy services sector in Appalachia. 

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