Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fresh Blueberries & Goat's Milk

Mountain Grown Blueberries - Fresh Picked

We have partnered with Deer Haven Blueberry Patch to offer fresh picked mountain grown blueberries. The blueberries are grown in the high elevation of the Blue Ridge Mountains where they benefit from crisp mornings and cool evenings. The cooler climate allows the blueberries to slowly ripen the fruit producing the best blueberry you may ever eat.

Bushes loaded with sweet blueberries

Deer Haven Owners Dick & Janet Slakman

How this works

They are available in both Hillsville and Raleigh stores. We have limited quantities in the Raleigh store to ensure freshness.

We are talking orders until Midnight July 21, 2013. Click here to place your order for blueberries picked on Monday July 22, 2013 to be delivered for pickup Tuesday July 23, 2013 to the Raleigh store.

We are offering two sizes - gallon & quart -

One Gallon
One Quart

Faith Mountain Farm Goats Milk Soap

Bill and Liz Garthly stopped by the store today with more of their popular lotion and soap. 

Each is made with goats milk.
"Here at Faith Mountain Farm we make our soaps from fresh goat milk (not powdered). Each day when we milk our “girls” they are thanked and kissed for their contribution to our products. The goats have acres of land to browse and a wonderful Jerusalem donkey to keep them safe.

We chose to have goat milk in all of our goat milk soap recipes because goat milk has a pH level that is closer to our skin’s pH than soaps without it. Naturally homogenized, the milk and cream do not separate (unlike cow’s milk), milk from goats is extraordinarily gentle and tender even to the driest of skin types. It is now confirmed that alpha-hydroxy acids found in goat's milk have rejuvenating and softening properties. All of this means a wonderfully rich creamy product for even the most sensitive skin.

Please review the unique benefits that each of our goat milk soaps offer and find the right ones for your individual needs"

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