Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Letter from USMC Colonel

It was a sunny Father's Day weekend. Burgers on the grill with Red Hill ground beef and family. For dad and the rest of us, that was the biggest thing in the world. Our beef is as healthy and delicious as it looks - pasture raised and finished. We promise you (and your wallet) won't regret trying some from your local Red Hill General Store in Hillsville or Raleigh. 

What's more American than hamburger? 
More American than our garden seeder

A US Marine Corps Colonel. 

Friday we received with honor this message from a USMC Colonel. He described a pride that was once commonplace in America. A powerful and important reminder that how businesses operate and which ones customers choose to support has never before been more important.  

We are thankful for our thoughtful customers for they make us strong. That's the way it should be - everyone working together to make our American communities stronger.  

In the spirit of Father's day and American Traditions, below are two photos of Edwin Largen. Edwin is the Father of Tom Largen (owner of Red Hill General Store) and he raised the mountain cattle with carefully-selected genes still in Red Hill Beef today. He was a farmer.He was a fisherman. He fought for freedom as a young man. He was a father. Have you read The Story of our Farm?

Thank you for supporting the values that will rebuild America as a strong country. 

We hope you liked our movie Friday as much as we like seeing our neighbors come together to enjoy it. 
Join us next Friday. 

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