Thursday, May 2, 2013

Take Care of your Yard Tools

To keep your tools ready to use and to make them last longer, maintaining them is a must. Here are some tips for various tools that you may have in your arsenal:

Pruning Shears:
Always clean your blade with a soft dry cloth after each use.
Oil the revolving handle shaft and spring, oil after each use in order to prevent rust.
Sharpen your blade before using.
Adjust the blade alignment if your cuts aren't clean. 

Check oil and other fluids. Replace the filter, change the transmission fluid, engine coolant, and fuel.
Sharpen your blades and balance them.
Inspect the belts for wear watch for cracks or separation if that is present a new belt is needed, adjust tension of belts.
Check tire tread and tire pressure.

Weed Eater:
Some weed eaters require more care, so be sure to read your manual to be sure you know how to properly maintain your own weed eater. What we are sharing are just very basic tips.
Be sure you keep the weed eater clean so it doesn't rust.
If you have a build up of grass or other debris use an air compressor or leaf blower to remove the debris.
If your weed eater uses string, replace when it gets worn down in order to maintain the best use of your weed eater.

Garden Hose:
Hopefully your hose spent the winter sheltered from the elements after it was drained and disconnected. If not it may have experienced freezing and cracking which means you'll need to invest in a new hose.
If your hose was properly stored it is fairly easy to get your hose ready to use this summer. Stretch it out so that it can lay in the sun, this helps to make your hose more flexible. To prevent your hose from breaking or springing leaks it is advised to use a garden hose reel.

Shovels, Hoes, and Spades:
Sharpen and oil the blades before using this spring. Be sure they are clean, dry and oiled before putting up each time in order to prevent rust. Oil the handles if they are wooden.

Garden Seeder:
After each use wipe out the hopper with a cloth to get rid of dust, dirt, or residue from chemically treated seeds.

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