Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why are there glass washboards?

Most people, when they think of a washboard they think of the typical wood and metal ones.

Washboards have been around for quite some time as they were one of the first ways to wash clothing. But how did the glass washboard come into being?

During WWII there was a shortage of metal. In addition to that shortage many appliance companies quit making appliances during this war. Which means if your washing machine broke you would have to turn to the washboard, but how could you have a washboard with no metal? Being industrious, someone created a glass washboard so that clothing could still be cleaned at home. Once the war was over and metal was finally available again most companies went back to creating the standard washboard, especially since it was found that the metal wash boards were quite sturdier. But the glass washboard was still made, it has stuck around for quite some time now and in today's market is sought after more as a decor item than as one to be used.

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