Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oil Lanterns as Holiday Decor

Oil lanterns are great to have on hand for emergency light sources during power failure, but they also add to decor. We found and thought of some great ideas for using oil lanterns and outdoor lanterns in holiday and Christmas decor:

1. Use oil lanterns to line your walkway to direct guests toward the door. (Be careful that they are set so that they won't get knocked over.

2. Add some festive greenery to create a Christmas lantern.

3. Use a skinny Christmas tree to decorate with vintage lanterns as a decor piece.

4. Unique lanterns make a great decor item with your holiday garland on the mantel.

5. Decorate the inside of the lantern with tiny trees and other items to create a winter scene inside.

What is your favorite way to use oil lanterns in your holiday decor?

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