Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Project: Make Garden Harvesting Easier

Once it is time to start harvesting from your garden, it can seem like the tasks that need to be done are nearly endless. Well, we have a few tools that can make the process of prepping your harvest food easier.

Pea Sheller: Shelling peas by hand can take up quite a bit of time, but with a pea sheller you can get through the task more quickly. The pea sheller can be turned by hand or you can attach it to a portable hand mixer to make shelling even quicker. Keep in mind that the ripeness of the peas depends on how well the peas shell, if they are not ripe enough, the peas will be tender resulting in crushed peas instead of shelled. Be sure that your peas are ripe enough to run through the pea sheller.

Corn Cutter: if you prefer your corn off the ear when you eat it, then the wood corn cutter is what you need.The corn cutter allows you to cut the kernels evenly and without splatter. Easy to use.

Strawberry Huller: Quickly and easily remove the stem and leaves from your strawberries.

Fruit Press: Use a fruit press to create syrups, ciders, wines, fruit juice and more.

What is your favorite time saving tool during harvesting season?

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