Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Project: Yard Maintenence

Maintaining your yard is a very important part of any summer, being sure to take care of things now can help prevent issues or accidents later on.

Pruning trees - check your trees for dead limbs, these need to be trimmed so that summer storms or winter snows will not cause them to fall and damage your property or hurt someone, a gardening saw can make this task a bit easier. Also any plants that are too close to the house, or could interfere with your AC condenser will need to be trimmed as well.

To help prevent making your home seem inviting to termites be sure to trim up bushes, as they can retain moisture that can lure in termites.

Cut down any vines that are climbing on your house, they can cause damage to mortar, which can lessen the stability of your exterior walls. Vines also make your home seem more inviting to insects.

And if you have flower or vegetable gardens, don't forget to keep watering and weeding.

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