Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring/Summer Project: Fence Repair

Fence repair varies on what type of fence you own. Depending on your fence will determine what tools and materials you will need to use.

Repairs for Wooden Fences:
When repairing a wooden fence you will need a few basic tools such as: a hammer, nails, and if your fence is stained or painted you will need a paint/stain brush and the paint or stain that matches your fence. If you have posts that need to be replaced, you will also want to include a post hole digger and other such supplies on your list.

Checking posts: Be sure to check the posts that are loose for rot. If they are not rotted and are only loose then you should be able to reinforce them with fencing material. To check for rot, scrap some dirt off the bottom of the post, then using a screwdriver poke the post, if the wood gives away then there is rot present in the wood and the post will need to be replaced.

Replacing posts: If you do not want to leave an open area on your fence, be sure you have brought the replacement post with you. Remove the fence from both sides of the post that needs to be replaced, take out the old post, install the new one, stabilize it and attach the fence to your new post.

Repairs for Fence Wire:
Fence wire can loosen up over the years, due to stretching from wind and other elements of nature. To make the task of tightening your fence easier you can use a tool that is made just for this job, it is called a fence splicer.

When fence wire has a break in it, you will want to splice in about 2 feet of new fence wire so that you have enough wire to loop the ends of the broken section and then pull it tight.

If you are building a fence we have fence tools, pet fence supplies, and supplies for electrical fences.

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