Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keeping Pests out of Your Home & Garden

Keeping certain pests out of your home, yard, and garden can be quite a feat to accomplish. There are insects, wild animals, and lots of creepy crawly things. We have a few things that can help you to get things under control:

Insect Control:
  • Bug Zappers: these electronic bug killers rid your outdoor living areas of flying bugs. They also double as security lighting.
  • Insect Traps: There are many types of insect traps to choose from; fly magnets, Japanese beetle traps, fruit fly traps, traps made to use in the pantry, flea traps, roach traps, and more. Just be sure to select the appropriate trap for your particular problem.
Keeping Away Birds:
  • Owl Scarecrow: An owl scarecrow can be placed in fruit trees or other areas where you want to scare birds away from. The bird views the owl as a predator. 
  • Garden Netting: netting can be used to keep birds from fruit, vegetables, berries, and more. Look for a netting that is lightweight so that it will not crush your plants.
Get Rid of Mice and/or Rats:
  • Mouse & Rat Traps:  There are several varieties of mouse and rat traps: glue traps, snap traps, bait traps, live traps, etc. Decide which trap would work best for your situation.

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