Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How To Make Gardening Easier

Gardening is a fun, rewarding task. But it can take up a good amount of time. Today we are going to discuss a tool that will help you to speed up a few steps in the gardening process, the High Wheel Cultivator.

 Some people refer to the high wheel cultivator as a garden plow. Even if you call it a garden plow keep in mind that they are not to be used as a ground breaking tool. They are better for other types of tasks such as:

Plowing already broken soil, so that it is "softer" and better for the planting of seeds, looser soil is appreciated by plants, especially when they are trying to spread their roots to grow. The very best time to cultivate your soil is when the dirt is moist, not too wet or dry. Avoid cultivating the soil when the temperature is very hot, as this will cause your soil to dry out more quickly.

Once the soil is broken you may want to mix in compost, manure, or fertilizers to improve the quality of your soil for growing the best plants possible.

Then you will want to use it to furrow your rows for planting the seeds for your garden. Once your seeds are planted, you should continue to use your high wheel cultivator throughout the weeding process to keep the weeds from choking out your garden plants and ruining all your hard work.

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