Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uses for Wooden Barrels

Wooden barrels make a great addition to almost any type of home decor. They are versatile, can offer extra storage, or be used to make wine or other spirits. But what can be done with a wooden barrel other than its intended use? We have searched far and wide to bring back some ideas for you:

  1. Make a rain barrel. Wooden barrels are great to use to collect rain to use to water your flowers or vegetables. To do this you will want to be sure that the barrel you select is water proof.
  2. Cut your wooden barrel up and create several beautiful flower pots.
  3. Cut your wooden barrel in half and use each half as an end table on a porch or in a country or rustic style living room.
  4. Fill it up with ice and canned or bottled drinks to use as a cooler ( you will want a water proof barrel for this as you don't want melted ice water to leak out of the barrel, especially if it is being used indoors)
  5. Cut in half lengthwise to use as a watering trough, or as a larger planter for flowers or a small vegetable container garden.
  6. Set in an unused corner of a room for added decor and use the inside for storage of extra pillows, blankets, etc.
  7. Stack several together that are the same height, place a piece of plywood (or other large board of wood) across to use as a table for an outdoor event (wedding, bbq, etc).
Barrels are great for so many things. What have you most recently used a barrel for?

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