Friday, November 11, 2011

News Update for Red Hill General Store

Raleigh, NC:

  • We currently have heat treated firewood from Western North Carolina that is processed by Independence Lumber. Heat treated wood means that no pests will be transferred from the place the wood was grown to the place where it will be burned.
  • We also have a compact fluorescent bulb recycling center in front of the store.
  • Our new crop of apple butter just arrived. However it is limited, and we will be unable to get anymore shipments of it until next year. So if you want to enjoy some apple butter this fall and winter you better stop by and grab up a few jars.
  • Our nuts have also just came in. We have a shipment of English walnuts, pecans, and a fresh crop of peanuts that are freshly salted and roasted.
CFL recycling center

Hillsville, VA

  • We are currently working on expanding our store in Hillsville. We have been keeping photo updates on the Red Hill Facebook Page.
  • Also in Hillsville, we have received a shipment of apple butter. Again, once we are out we will not be able to acquire anymore until next year so hurry before it is gone!


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