Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Things are Coming

The office was bustling this morning with people getting their ideas, papers, and themselves ready for our meeting.  We have big plans for the upcoming year, and we want to keep our customers and readers informed as well as involved in some of these plans.  Here are the top things that were on our discussion table this morning:

  1. We discussed the revamping of Red Hill General Store's website, as well as some of our sister sites, and what direction we would like to take with them while staying true to our original goals with these sites.
  2. Sales, events, specials.  We talked about what sales, specials, and events that would be possible for us to do this coming year.  We definitely have some ideas going for some of these, and will keep you informed.  
  3. Blogs.  We discussed our blog, and the two blogs we have for two of our sister sites, and what direction we want to take with them and what our readers may or may not want to see.  We are hoping to do more with videos, how-to articles, product reviews and more on our blogs this coming year.
  4. Local info & events.  We know that many people are curious about our main location.  Hillsville, VA and we want to share information with our customers about what our area is about, and what there is to do in Hillsville.  So we are going to try to stay on top of events and other happenings in our area that you, our customer, might be interested in knowing about.  
To stay updated on these things, and the many other things we discussed today, you can follow our blog, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.  

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