Saturday, January 8, 2011

New and Seasonal

Red Hill General Store has some great items in the retail store.  Particularly for the type of weather we've been having.  Cold and snowy definitely calls for some of these:

It is easy to stay toasty and warm with these beautiful scarves by Carhartt!  

And be nice to your noggin!  We have some great toboggans by Carhartt as well.

If you are finding it hard to balance on all this frozen stuff, we have Ice Cleats made for your shoes.  Also to help keep you warm we have body, hand, and toe warmers made by Grabber.

We have several different fire starters to choose from.  Come in and ask how one of these could help you get that fire up and going in your fireplace or wood stove (also learn about the benefits of woodstoves).

Don't have a woodstove?  Then come and find out about our kerosene heaters.  Great backup if the power ever goes out.  We also carry wicks for kerosene heaters, and pumps as well.

We have gotten in some really neat tie dye shirts also.  They come in bright colors, makes it feel like spring is on the way just by wearing them.

Keep your legs warm, by dressing them in these great jeans by Carhartt for women.  They are just as tough as the jeans they make for the men!

Keep the birds fed on those snowy days with our, bird feeders, bird seed, suet feeders, and suet cakes.  There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing your feathered friends playing and feasting in your yard.

We have some awesome ciders in tons of flavors made by Mayberry Sippin Cider.  Also to complement these delicious drinks are our Ashe County Cheeses.  Perfect for just sitting by the fire with an afternoon (or midnight) snack.

Have a bit of a sweet tooth after munching on our cheese?  Try some of Nancy's Fudge.  We have great prices and delicious selections.

Need someone to snuggle with?  We have the Yomiko Classics Luv Pets by Russ.  These little guys are adorable and oh so soft!

With all these great choices, I'm sure we can find something that you need for the winter season!  Need help finding an item?  Just ask one of our friendly cashiers.

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