Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cool Afternoons & The Sniffles

The evenings have a nice cool feeling to them, but unfortunately with all the leaves falling, some people are having sinus issues.  So I decided to cook a nice big pot of chili for the family.  I always have to double my recipe to feed everyone, as it is definitely a popular dish at home this time of the year:

It is especially delicious with shredded cheese and sour cream on top.  For my double recipe chili I have to use a big pot to fit all the ingredients in.  I currently use an 8 quart stockpot for my chili:

I do wish I had thought and bought the ingredients for cornbread. Cornbread is my favorite side to go with my chili. It always tastes perfect when baked in my cast iron skillet. I love cooking with cast iron.

But without the cornbread the chili is a little healthier. My chili is half lean ground beef, and half lean ground turkey. So far no one has complained about this mixture. I also go half and half on the beans, half kidney beans, half pinto beans.

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