Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Has Set In

The chill was definitely in the air in little Hillsville, VA today.  The leaves were being blown around and while they look beautiful they do tend to create a mess in the yard.  But as with every year, the falling leaves bring back memories of being a child and playing with my Childrens Fan Rake, and Childrens Wheelbarrow in the back yard, gathering up all the leaves into one huge pile, just to jump into it repeatedly.  I'm sure as a child most people spent hours doing just that during those cool crisp fall days.

Another great memory, is the delicious pinto beans that were cooked all day long, so that they were nice, warm, and tender at dinner time.  Now, that is a memory easy to replicate, I'll just be sure to buy some beans from our store tomorrow and bring them home to cook this weekend.  You should stop by Red Hill General Store and replicate some memories of your childhood fall.

What are your favorite memories of your childhood autumns?  Have you blogged about them, feel free to link back to your autumn blog in our comments.

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